Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Thursday!! LOL

Hi, Did you miss me?? I hope so...

This week went by fast, On Monday, I woke up to Nicky talking on the phone with his friend down the street, asking me if I can take him to the YMCA here in town, no big deal, we have a family pass that he got from school.. Before that, I remember the day before, Sunday, that my car registration was expired, I was driving my car with expired tags.. So before we went to the Y, I stopped at the DMV and picked up my tags, then I remember that I needed to go to the Car Insurance place to pick up the proof of Insurance papers.. The Car Insurance papers expired on the 13th of June, which was Saturday, I forgot when I paid it on Friday.. LOL. Then we headed off to the Y..
We got to the Y and got dressed into our cute swimming suits, walked out to the pool, hop in... floated around the "river" a couple of times, then I heard a loud whistle.. Everyone had to get out of the pool due to cleaning..(someone did a do do in it and they had to clean it up.).. We got out... waited, waited and waited again, then they announced that they are shutting down the pool for the whole day.. OH I was pissed!!
Yes Christine, it's been raining and lightning/thunderstorms here everyday.. We walked out of the Y, and it poured. I got to the stop sign and it stopped raining. Funny how it rains at one location and then when you drive it isn't raining.. And the Sun is shining..
So the next day, which was Tuesday... I called the Y to complain about Monday, I talked to a lady named Shelly and she said to come back in and swim.. So we got our cute swimming suits on again and heading over there. This time, I had a blast.. I went straight to the "river".. They had a corkscrew type slide there. I got the nerve up and went for it. I made it down the first time.... Then I went down twice more. So that was my accomplishment that day, I knew I wouldn't get the chance to do it again.. It was fun except the corkscrew at the bottom went really fast.. We went swimming for four whole hours.. I even got invited to do a workout class.. I was tired when I crawled out of the pool..
Then we got invited to go to the $1 movies with Angelia and Shelby. (her five year old sister). We were late getting there of course.. (what's new???).. It was a good show, but the admission to that show was $3 each because it was 3D.. We got some really cool 3D glasses to take home..

Wednesday, I had to take my friend to the doctor's again, (extra money I am earning). I ended up earning $20 and a full tank of gas and snacks.. Yipppeeee!! Today, I took her to the Lab to get blood work done this morning, I earned another $20.. After we dropped her off, we went to Burger King and had some Whopper Jr's and Cheesy Tots. Came home to harvest my Facebook FarmTown Crops.. I have been a little bit lazy today, but I did vacuum the living room today.. Oh I dropped off a scent sample at the BK bathroom when I got there, I checked it again, it wasn't were I left it at, I look in the garbage and there it was.. How Rude of people!!!!

Hopefully I will get paid tomorrow for that two day job I did a month ago.. It won't be very much. Looking back on it, I wouldn't have any money for GAS for those four weeks.. So this turned out ok.. He lost a good person to help him out.

So time to go back to Facebook and harvest my grapes.. Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day!!!


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~C~ said...

i think you may need farmtown therapy lol Have a great weekend ~D~ !