Thursday, June 25, 2009


What's Up?

Just a same old boring week..LOL.. Things are going ok.. money is tight, things are changing..
Nicky is keeping me busy... He went swimming on Tuesday and got a sun burn on his back..
He has been asking to go swimming again this week, I told him that he has to take care of that sunburn before swimming again, I did end up paying $6 for some sun screen.. wow, that stuff is expensive...
The weather over here is Nice.. it got up in the 90's today...whew!! I don't blame nicky about the swimming.. It has been raining lately, I am enjoying the heat. LOVE IT!!

Mark's grandmother from Seattle is coming in this week. She was supposed to come in tonight, but she got stuck in Baker City, Oregon. (car trouble).. Mark's parents are on vacation in Nevada with this Harley's.. They should be back late tomorrow..

I stayed home on Father's Day, relaxing with the family! I gave my husband a NEW 100 oz Maverick Mug.. When I got home with it, full of Diet Dew, he informs me that he bought another one, it's in his car. So now technicially he has four of them, one isn't working, but three are.. I haven't seen a gift like that from him in a while.. He is so spoiled and doesn't even know it.

So not really looking for a job yet, still have to watch my little big son.. who is a pain in the arse sometimes.. We have been fighting all the time.. We got a long good today, we didn't fight, but the other day, we had a big blowup.. oh well, he will grow out of it... LOL..

I need to get my butt down to the DMV before July 10, but i am tryng to come up with $24.50.
Yep it's been 8 years already....time goes by fast.

well, off to bed now!

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