Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Am I still alive??

Hi... I know, I know, it's been like a WEEK.. I really don't know what to blog about these days,
But I did find something interested I wanted to share with you, I know everyone sometimes watches, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition right, Remember two years ago, In July, the crew came to Idaho to give a family in Middleton, Idaho a new home, well, things are not going very well with them at all..
Here is a story about it. Very graphic I wanted to let you know. I feel so sorry for this family.. If you can please pray that they get the operation for Ryan.
HOME MAKEOVER family faces crisis

The weekend went by fast, I had a fun 4th of July.. We BBQ'ed and drank beer.. LOL.. I started drinking around 9pm and stopped by 1am, I had six beers..LOL.. The neighbor lady Paulie had fireworks and Nicky help her light them off. We couldn't afford to by Fireworks this year.

I have a Birthday this week.. Not really looking forward to it, I wish I had a job, so I can do something for myself.. Not sure what Mark has plans, but I am not expecting anything..

I am doing some thinking on my home businesses, so if the sites down work, you know that I have dropped them.. I have downgraded my candle distributor to a free associate. Right now money is tight and people are not buying..

Stay safe this month.. Lots of drowing here in Idaho as well.. The weather is great, it got up to 99 degrees yesterday, (Sunday), this week is supposed to cool off. Nicky has been going to the swimming pool a couple of times a week..

Good night all!!

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