Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hey Hello and where did the summer go??

Well, I am still around, sorry I haven't been blogging, I got a new computer and Yes I have bookmarked this site. I lost all my pictures, videos and business stuff. So I am actually starting over again.. Looks like it is time to start all over again in business as well.

But I spend way to much time on Facebook.. LOL.. did you know a hacker broke into Twitter and Facebook? I read that one the news website..

Well, I have decided to quit my gourmet candle business. I can not afford the COTM or even the website every month. I have been thinking about joining another candle company that does not require any quotas or monthly fees and this company has a variety of more jar sizes to choose from. And it's based out of Utah, which is closer to Idaho..

I will still keep my "naturallyscented" site, of course i bought a year from I won't be joining this company for another month or so..

I can not believe it's August already, the weather went to 100 degrees to 70 degrees in a few days.. But it supposed to go up next week.. I need to mow the yard, my weeds are growing fast, but the lawn is brown..

Nicky has school registration on Monday, Mark has the week vacation next week. he will be home for 10 days.. I am stuck with him for that time.. LOL..

I am trying to sell off my gourmet candles if anyone is interested.. I have Summer Love, Sweet Pea and Honey Bee Vanilla in 16 oz jars.. I also have a sample bag that is 2 years old that I am trying to sell also comes with extra small containers that I got from the company.. Send me a message to OBO.. Comes with door hangers, reprints and postcards. I also have lots of votives..

I am still with Peddler's Kitchen and Chat to Text. So if anyone is interested.. Just look up on the blog I have put a link to them, or you can view it at I have put everything on there..

I have also started another project I will let you know how that goes and what it is when it gets up and running.. Once I do, I will put banners on my site for it..

Well, that is all for now, will update this later..

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