Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hello there again.

Hi, just sitting here playing on Facebook. Catching up on blogs, I added Rachel's New Blog.

Last week, I sold my Mia Bella Inventory to a lady in NV. She sent me the money thru Pay Pal on the 2nd. I mailed everything off on the 3rd. Three boxes full of jar candles, votives, sample bags and other brochures that I had. She retracted the money saying she didn't get the items. Now My Pay Pal account is in the red. I don't understand why this lady is doing this. So Now I have to wait til next week to get my Pay Pal balance in the black.

Really I hope she is happy about what she did. She is not a follower on this blog but a follower on my business blog. she read that i sold it.. Yes it was dated back in August. (two weeks ago) i think that should tell you something, two weeks ago! Oh my Gosh, everything blew up.

Anyways, just thought I would blog about that. Have a great Weekend, Be safe!

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~C~ said...

Oh no that sucks Diane - I am sorry that happened. is there anyway you can track the shipment to see if it shows delivered? How did ya mail it USPS?