Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still alive and kickin

Right now, I am watching Oprah and it has Criss Angel on it. She is in Chicago having a Block Party..

Still waiting for my Pay Pal problem to be resolved.. I have check the site and they have not updated where the package is.. I don't know where it is..
I hope it works itself out.

I checked out Criss Angel MINDFREAK last night. When he was doing the Coffins. That was amazing!!!

I also watched the one hour Dog the Bounty Hunter last night when Baby Lisa got married to her boyfriend. It made me cry a little bit, since my oldest son will be doing the same thing next May.

If anyone is interested in Peddler's Kitchen, it is September & I really need a sale.. So if you care to view this site and order something, big or small, it doesn't matter, I need a sale.. They do have good food.. I have tried the Oh My Onion Patties and they are very yummy!!! I might have to buy me more of those this month.. (website is on the left hand side). :)

Chat to Text has been busy, they have upgraded their service.

I am My Instant Biz. if you are intriqued, check it out.. it's on my Naturally Scented Blog..

well, time to go back to watch Oprah.. Have a good one.. !!

Oh, I tweetered to SherriEShepard on Twitter.. I asked her if she met John Cena, since she is with MVP.. (Monday Night Raw) She sent me a message back saying she has not met Mr. Cena.. I was dancing around the house, I was excited to have a celebrity write me back.. LOL

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