Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the countdown begins.

well, not sure about that, but I am hoping for my operation in a couple of weeks..

I have tried to get some pre-existing health insurance but i am not sure what I got.
this health insurance said it didn't cover the operation.. i am looking into this!!

i went in for my review at work today.... good marks... reliable, etc etc bullshit.. and they only gave me a quarter raise..

i will be home after the operation then i have more time to concentrate on this blog..

this weekend is nicky's birthday party, we are eating pizza at primo's....

and nicky and i are going to go to WWE RAW this Sunday.. I am getting off early to go to Boise to see the Superstars..

next week is going to be busy also, have to take nicky to the eye doctor on tuesday....his birthday is wednesday and he wants to go to wazooo fun center..then thursday i have to take him to for his 12 year check up with his doctor..

i hoping the doctor will get this operation going.. it's not the doctor, it's this damn insurance that is holding it up... i can not figure out what they are going to pay for.. i did upgrade to the best plan in this specific...i am not sure what the hell is going on.. LOL..

talk to you later... i will blog when i have a date of operation...

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