Monday, May 31, 2010

School is out !

Last Thursday was Nicky's last day of school.. I worked the night before so I got to sleep for a couple of hours before taking him the the dentist. Then we went to Boise for my nephew Ryan's 8th Grade Graduation. It was a church Graduation..

I got to see my sister in law's family.. I don't see them very often, maybe once a year. It was nice to see them. Of course I got to see my brother Rod and my father..

I had a eye infection type thing on Thursday, so when I talked to someone they mentioned what was wrong with my eye.. I told everyone that Mark hit me.. LOL.. But it is much better now..

I am currently working nights now.. well, sometimes, I asked to have three nights at my client's house..but my work hasn't give me that yet.. I am going to work at 5:30am to 9am and back at 2pm to 4pm since it is a Holiday.. I will be working on Wednesday nights also. Going to three days starting next week.. Yeah...

Nicky will be starting summer school on the 3rd of June. He will be going for 3 and half hours.. He was fighting on that one..

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Hope everyone has a safe one.. Enjoy being with your families..

More to come.. I promise.. I am thinking about starting writing again.. I want to post a online wish/goal board on here to share with everyone.. if you don't mind.

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Sabrae Carter said...

sounds like you are a busy woman :)