Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday!
Enjoy that snow ~C~ and yes Spring will be here before you know it..

It's sunny outside with wind outside. Nicky took Zito for a walk.. I slept in, got up and crawled up on the couch and watched "Prom Night" which was showing on Starz last night, we DVRed it.. That show was boring!!

I seen Pineapple Express at the theatre last year, it is a funny movie but I didn't like it too much..

Yesterday we watched "Short Circuit". Remember that movie?? Nicky actually watched the movie.

Today, is a lazy day, doing laundry, cleaning house and making up scent samples later to give out this week..

Yesterday I went shopping for a new keyboard.. I found one, it's very quiet except for the space bar. Also bought some clothes that was on clearance for Nicky, a shirt for Mark (Charlie Daniels t-shirt), bought some Valentine's day cards for next year, they were on sale, and bought a new thing for the bathroom.. I spend a lot of money there!! And bought some paper, ink and other items that I needed..

Staying home today and watching movies..

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~C~ said...

ah - all the snow melted & I loved Pineapple express :)