Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's Tuesday already, and I am here watching True Hollywood Story. It is featuring Jack Nicholson. He is one of my favorite actors..

Yesterday, I made three kinds of scent samples: Wildflowers, Spring Fever and Chocolate Kiss.. I made up strips of paper with my info and scent description.. I will be giving them out this week.. Neil came over and did their laundry, I bought him lunch. I didn't do much productive.........

Got a phone call and another client of mine that I was very close to passed away. So I was a little down in the dumps..

Then hubby came home and everything wasn't right with him. One of the things that happened; we were making dinner, sausage with hamburger helper. Mark came in the kitchen and was "cleaning" up around the stove, there were pots and pans that he moved.. well, he put the big pot (the pot that you boil potatoes in) he put the pot on the back burner and put the stuff that was in the hamburger helper box into the pot. Some how he (or someone not me) put the burner on, I was taking out dishes out of the dishwasher and putting the dirty dishes in. I was smelling something funny, then I seen the pot on the stove.. well, the dry elbow noodles plastic bag melted, the noodles were brown.. I took everything out of the pot, which was very hot.. and put the pot in the sink.. I put the brown elbow noodles in a bowl to let them cool off, then took them into the living room to show mark.. He said that he didn't do it.. (well i didn't do it).. Then the dinner wasn't good enough for him! The Sausage wasn't cooked enought he said, so he made himself some hot pockets. He was just in a bad mood, don't know if it was his tooth that was bothering him, (which he doesn't have a dentist), or his blood sugar level.. but he was a real prick last night.. I went to bed early..

Today, I am just chilling out here. I have to take the old monitor to Boise and drop it off.. Maybe go visit some old clients that I had.. Being home is a little boring..

ok enough venting..........have a good one..

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