Saturday, March 28, 2009


I know, I am sorry, I don't get over to my blog, I am neglecting it... It's Saturday and I really need to do something with this living room!!!

Well, this week on Wednesday, I was driving to pick up a ex-client of mine who asked me to take her to a doctor's appt, well that didn't happened my car died on the corner. So I called my son Neil to pick up Nicky and I. He took us home, it was raining that day, and he was busy to fix it.
Thursday Neil came over and went to the NAPA Auto store and picked up a Fuel Pump and Fuel Filter. The good thing was it was still under warranty.. Yeah!! So Neil and his friend Jay went to Nampa to get the car and towed it back to the house and it took them two hours to fix the car.

And while he was finished up on the car, Neil told me some great news. I was talking to him about Angelia, (only rumor) how that Angelia and him fight all the time, etc, I was teasing him, then he told me "mom, Angelia isn't my girlfriend anymore, she is my finance'!" I said "what!!", when did this happen and he told me last month.. I as a mom, asking questions, left and right!!
So I am exciting, don't know when the Wedding is.. All I am exciting Angelia is the niciest, sweetest girl, I welcome her to the family with a big hug... And yes I would love to have her as a daughter in law!!

Today is Saturday, Neil and Angelia came over for a quick visit, took some ramen noodles.. They are packing, they are moving into a 2 bed room duplex that they will sign a 1 year lease on Wednesday April 1st.. They are exciting to be moving, they now live in one bed room apt, which is cute but they have grown out of it..

Well, one post for the whole week.. Things will get back to normal next week I hope, Nicky will be in school and I will be trying to sell my candles.

Have a great Saturday!!!!

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